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About our course



[Course A] lesson course is to make things simple.

            I have you selected from those you have served in this place, I will with cutting, sewing leather.

            I can give personality in the arrangement of a little of your own.


[Course B] This course is to make the leather of five course [B] in 30 hours.

            I will continue to finish the work of the five types of challenges to the beginning work from a straight line × straight stitch.


[Course C] This is the course of only those who study course B is finished. It becomes Ticket learning time system.

We will continue to improve the technology and expressive thing that you design.



Course fee


[Course A] Please contact us because it depends on the work for course [A].

Leather cost is not included in the lesson fee. Fees vary by leather to be earlier than today. Please contact us.


[Course B] It will be 12,000 baht for course B 1 course.

Leather cost is not included in the course fee. It is also good in leather in the classroom, and it does not matter even if I have an individual.


[Course C] It is a course ticketed.

70 times 28,000 baht initial purchase (once / 2 hours 400 baht)

35 times 15,500 baht (once / 2 hours 500 baht)